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1BA Operating Model.

1BA Program Model

1Billion Africa is a youth-led organization working towards transformation in communities in Africa through turning of problems into projects. We serve our mission through the PAS Model; Projects, Advocacy and Support services.


We identify problems in communities in Africa and turn them into projects with focus on the F5G’s (First 5 Goals) of the Sustainable Development Goals.


We advocate and campaign for young people to get involved in problem solving in their communities. Our advocacy are ran through Webinars, Social Media and Print Media campaigns.


We offer; Consulting, Training/Workshops, Project Branding, Monitoring & Evaluation, Data Collection Solutions, Internships and International Exchange Projects support services to civil societies, institutions, companies and community change makers. This part of the PAS model helps finance our projects and other activities.

Our Motivation!

“1,000,000,000” problems
No Way!
Let’s all identify the problems 1 by 1 and turn each into a project to be tackled. Let’s go the 1BA way.

Defining the problem. 50% headway.

Solving it together. 80% headway.
At 100% solved, We Celebrate!
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