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Mission & Vision.


1 Billion Africa is an initiative that seeks to gather great potentials and great minds in Africa to help turn the “1 billion” problems or uncountable problems in Africa into “1 Billion” projects and opportunities. The initiative is brought up as one means to help eradicate the many problems of the African continent. Often many are quick to identify problems of the continent but stop at the problem level by only talking about the problems. When one is asked; “How many problems are in Africa?” One is likely to answer;” Uncountable!” or “1 Billion!” We believe the 1 Billion problems can be 1 Billion Projects, tackled by the 1 Billion Africans.

This organization has been created to help turn the only-talked-about-African-problems into projects that the whole world and especially Africans would help solve. The motto of 1 Billion Africa is “turning problems into projects”. Be a part of this revolutionary Problem Solving Movement in Africa. Together we can help transform Africa. Join the platform, of the 1Bilion Africans.

Our Mission

To help turn the “1billion” problems in Africa into “1billion” projects and solutions, to empower and to create opportunities for deprived Africans.

Our Vision

To see the “1 billion” problems in Africa turn to “1 billion” projects and solutions, to transform individuals, homes, communities and nations in Africa. Our vision is to see you turn a problem in Africa into your personal project.

Our Values

  • Service
  • Commitment
  • Passion
  • Innovation
  • Efficiency
  • Discipline
  • Unity

Our Motivation!

“1,000,000,000” problems
No Way!
Let’s all identify the problems 1 by 1 and turn each into a project to be tackled. Let’s go the 1BA way.

Defining the problem. 50% headway.

Solving it together. 80% headway.
At 100% solved, We Celebrate!
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