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Israel Fugah- Director of Advocacy.

Israel FugahIsrael is an ambitious and optimistic individual who is passionate about change in Africa especially in the areas of Entrepreneurship and Leadership. His unique personality and support has and continue to play a major role in scaling up of the 1BA vision across the countries in Africa.

Israel as a Front-End Developer, Graphic Designer and Programmer has strong interests in the GIS and Data fields. His experience in GIS related projects like Immunization Tracker, Effective Feedback System, BaSIS, GHeMMS, Agric4Ghana, Election App etc has provided him varying opportunities to meet top-notch institutions and individuals in the Agriculture, Education and Health sectors.

Having served in both supervisory and supportive roles as a Public Director(UCF), Chief Organiser(NIA), Logistics Director(LIA) and President of CASA whilst on campus, Israel was awarded the Most Distinguished Christian Leader 2015 on University of Ghana. He has also served and provided voluntary services to deprived communities basically through donations.

In 1BA, Israel directs and supervises all our advocacy activities related to projecting the belief and the works of the vision to people including the 1BA Community members. Newsletters release and successful organization of one of the engaging events in 1Billion Africa, 1BATalks, form part of the responsibilities expected of the Advocacy Director.

Israel as a passionate advocate for entrepreneurship especially among the youth has founded two startups (Purble Consult and Purble Transport Services) to his credit and firmly holds the belief that Africa is not far from liberating itself from poverty. “Change is and can be possible in Africa as long as we continue to build the right mindset and arm ourselves by building the capacity of the younger generation”, says Israel.

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