CIMG0566Go Empower Schools Project is a 1BA initiative that seeks to implement the United Nation’s fourth Sustainable Development Goal, which is, to ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.

This year’s Go Empower Schools targeted three schools in 2 regions in Ghana and even though the 1BA team looked forward to impacting about 520 pupils in these three schools, we encountered an unprecedented number of 1,020 pupils in Kutunse alone! – A triple scale impact in phase one of the project.

The experience was amazing as team and community members took the children through rigorous and innovative activities that taught the children good leadership and problem solving skills. The children’s eyes were opened to new methods of transforming society such as team work, hard work, positive thinking and time management.

IMG_2960With the help of our community members, some exercise books, pencils, textbooks, story books, erasers, pencils, pens and chalk were donated to the Kutunse M/A School to encourage the children to stay in school and commit to their studies.

A special session was also organized for the Junior High School Students where they were encouraged to put in extra efforts to pass their Basic Education Certificate Examination and to aspire to go beyond the tertiary level.The teachers of the school were also appreciated and motivated to continue shaping the pupils into good future leaders.

At the end of the project day, both teachers and students were thrilled with the activities, empowered and challenged to give off their best to help build a better Africa.

CIMG0626Last year, this project saw a 50% increment in enrolment in Subriso D/A Basic School in the Hwediem District of Brong Ahafo Region because of the learning materials the students received.  This year‘s project promises to have a triple scale impact because of the number of pupils in attendance.

The 1BA team will visit Kotobabi and Akyeremanteng  Basic Schools in the subsequent weeks to implement phase two and three of this year’s project.

You can still support the ongoing Go Empower Schools Project by clicking here goo.gl/forms/CEhxir6NFk