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1BA Gateway Programme.

Raising Young Leaders

Project Description

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Potential discovery and development in rural settings in Africa is key to Africa’s transformation however very rare.  There are several individuals living in remote areas especially in Africa who have not exposed to certain opportunities and thus have not realized their potentials.

Importantly, the 1BA Gateway & Mentorship Programme is an eye-opener for unsuspecting and deprived students who see only poverty in their neighborhood, and are too distant to see the wide world beyond mediocrity, and the need to dream very big. This programme picks inspiration from the Young African Leaders Initiative, (YALI), a Washington Fellowship Program. 1BA seeks to bring together students from these remote areas and expose them to opportunities and to offer them some level of inspiration and information that will instill confidence in them and ignite them to dare beyond the standard their societies and poor conditions set for them.

The maiden 1BA Gateway Programme came off on the 25th of April, 2014 on the University of Ghana campus. This featured the likes of some students from deprived schools in Ghana. The programme was packed with series of educational and inspirational activities, which motivated the students to dream big and aspire for the best in life.

The participating students who came from different corners of Ghana were taken on a tour on the University of Ghana campus, and they were taken through interaction, training and mentorship sessions of the programme. Mentors had one-on-one discussions with them. This was aimed at developing a strong mentor-mentee relationship in most areas of their lives. Thus, it ensured students always get in touch with their mentors even when they complete the training process. Vital topics like Leadership, Time Management, Personal Branding, Talent Management, Career Counselling and Opportunities Available among others were treated in the training and mentoring sessions.

The sustainability of the 1BA Gateway Programme would be realised through the formation of 1BA Impact Clubs in the respective schools of the participants. Regular visits will be paid by the 1BA Team to ensure students are on track.  Contacts were exchanged through emails, social media and phone numbers to ensure continuity of the mentorship process.

The 1BA Gateway students did not only leave inspired and mentored only but they also left with some educational materials sponsored by the 1BA team. These materials included story books, pens, University of Ghana branded exercise books and books on the great African leaders; Kwame Nkrumah and Nelson Mandela. This was done with the motive of fostering a good reading habit in the students since some of them could not read properly at the age of 16.The 1BA team also ensured that the students were well refreshed. The excitement by close of the day cannot be over emphasized.

The 1BA team believes Africans are more than capable of solving the continent’s problems ourselves through true Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship, Youth Development and Technology Advancement.

Together, we can make our communities better! Together we can transform our nations! Together we can Change Africa!

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