1Billion Africa, Africa Eats Now & JCI Accra Royale Empowers Students of Agyementi D/A School

1 Billion Africa partnered with Africa Eats Now and JCI Accra Royale to put smile on the faces of students of Agyementi L/A School on 3rd October, 2015 though innovative activities aimed at empowering them, feeding them and donating books to them. This was 1Billion Africa’s flagship educational project, dubbed “Go Empower Schools” project. The major objective of this project was to imbibe into the students, confidence and a sense of ethical leadership skills in order to shape their career and simultaneously impact their various communities through social activities. The “Go Empower Schools” project holistically tackles challenges that students face in Africa as far as their education is concerned.

The project began with interactions with the chief and elders of the Agyementi community on the importance of education. The project director of 1 Billion Africa, on behalf of the team gave a talk on how education can transform the community. In his speech, Mr Samuel Boadi highlighted on the children’s appearance, nutrition and the general welfare of children. According to him, when a child’s education and needs are well catered for, it increases their motivation and attitude towards school. He urged both parents to play equal roles in bringing up children and not leave the responsibility to only one parent. Hammamat Montia, founder of “Africa Eats Now” who were partners to the project also talked about the nutrition of the children in details. She hinted that proper diet and good eating habits influence the intelligence of a child and increases his or her ability to think and be active in class. DSC00338The parents and elders of the community took turns to appreciate the information given to them by 1 Billion Africa, Africa Eats Now and JCI Accra Royale. They were excited by this opportunity given to them and how their children will also be empowered to become notable persons in the community and the country as a whole. Finally, the chief also had his turn to speak. He appreciated the fact that there has been a change in gender inequality as females are also securing top spot in their various careers. He then urged parents to take a cue from what has been said to safeguard their children’s future and to become assets to the community.

DSC00446The main project run alongside whilst parents and elders were being engaged in the discussion and sensitisation on education. Various divisions in Lower Primary, Upper Primary and Junior High School level were made. All groups were taken through innovative activities in topics and subjects like leadership, time management, ethics, morals and values, positive attitude, focus and information about Africa. These activities had positive impact on the students as most said they were able to understand the various topics very well. What makes 1 Billion Africa’s project outstanding is the fact that, the students are involved in activities which depicts the topics and are essential for their academics and careers. After going through series of these innovative and life-changing exercises, all the various groups took turns to be nourished by the kind courtesy of the “Africa Eats Now” project. As partners, they believed providing students with nutritious meal will increase their brain power and motivate them to go to school and achieve their goals.DSC00528

Book from JCI Accra Royale were donated to the school’s library to promote and culture of reading and to encourage reading wide.

The headmaster of the school, Mr Bapuni Saeed Danladi lauded the works of 1 Billion Africa in bringing the “Go Empower Schools” to Agyementi District Assembly School. “It has really brought the community together; and the discussions with the elders has shed light on the critical issues in the education of their children” he stated. Mr Bapuni also added that, this program has really made the students excited and motivated; and will make their work easier in shaping the children for the future. He revealed that, he will be happy if the project comes off again on their school premises.