1Billion Africa embarks on another edition of its Gateway Programme in Ghana

1Billion Africa, a non-Governmental organization which seeks to help turn societal problems in communities in Africa into projects, has embarked on the second edition of its Gateway Programme which sought to bring together brilliant minds from less endowed schools in Ghana to; inspire, train and empower them to fulfil their God-given talents and their full potentials as students and members of their communities. The program also seeks to enlighten them to help them wake up to the realities of their environments and dare to change negative situations around them.

The chairman and founder of 1Billion Africa, Mr. Prince Adu-Appiah said during the programme; “we need to see a much more daring, passionate and knowledgeable crop of the younger generation to accelerate development in Ghanaian communities and the other African communities”. According to the founder, this programme is one of the projects 1BA seeks to use to raise young leaders to influence their communities in Africa. The programme seeks to do this through innovative activities that seek to imbibe excellent leadership qualities in the younger generation.



The Gateway programme this time selected ten (10) students from the Agbogba Anglican Schools 1 and 2 to take them through a one-day intensive training, on the University of Ghana campus. The students were first taken on an Educational Tour through the university campus and were briefed on some historical sights and achievements of some great leaders of the university. Many examples were given of people who came to the university from less endowed schools but ended up making it in life. The students were encouraged of the need to study hard to go through tertiary education.


After this, they were then taken through an intensive educative and inspirational session by the 1Billion Africa team on various topics ranging from Leadership, Ethics and Values, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Academic Success, Career Development and other relevant subjects needed for their sustainable growth into becoming good assets for their communities and nation.

There were also One-on-One sessions with the students where the 1BA team interacted closely with them on issues affecting their academics, career development and general challenges as an African youth. As part of the Monitoring and Evaluation process, the students were quizzed on the overall training programme. This was to begin to measure how the programme had influenced them and what they had learnt. The best students were given wonderful prizes and souvenirs from the team of resource persons.


The whole programme was climaxed with the presentation of story books, text books, exercise books, and other academic materials to all participating students. This was to aid, motivate and empower them to adhere to their books, taking into cognizance; leadership, positive mindset, ethics and values as well as the leveraging of ICT, to achieve successful lives and to become assets to the schools, communities and Ghana.

The headmistress of both schools were elated about the whole programme and urged the 1BA team to keep on turning problems into projects while they express their profound gratitude to the entire team and its executive committee. The heads expressed their support for the 1Billion Africa Vision that calls for all Africans especially the youth to identify problems in their communities and to turn them into projects.


The students expressed their excitement as they wished to be featured in the subsequent editions of the 1BA Gateway Programme.