1BA Community Day in Medie with ATD and World Merit Ghana

Hundreds of children and youth were inspired and motivated to cause change in their community through the 1BA Community Day at Medie on 6th June, 2015, in collaboration with Awareness Through Dance, UK and World Merit Ghana. This community day was a joint initiative by the aforementioned organisations to raise change-makers in communities across the continent. As part of these organisations’ mission and vision lies similarities between them which was to help solve problems at the community level to cause a ripple effect in the general well-being of people across the world. Empowerment, inspiration, change and transformation are some of the major taglines of the problem-solving acts of 1BA, ATD and World Merit.

The Community Day event as stated earlier was to train the community members on how to solve their basic problems themselves and receive support for coming up with designed strategies for solving specific problems in the community.

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This event also sought to introduce the people of Medie to 1 Billion Africa and to start youth-led conversations of the challenges facing them and to empower them to make small commitments towards social change. The program began with taking members through various activities to inspire them to cause change. The activities depicted leadership, teamwork, determination, spotting opportunities, goal-setting and problem-solving.

There were various stations for different sessions including Education, Career Choices & Women Empowerment, Personal and Leadership Development, Entrepreneurship and Business Creation and Community and Social Projects. Under these stations, members were taken through innovative activities in such areas to train and inspire them concerning a particular field of interest. For instance, the Career Choices and Women Empowerment Station sought to teach the people about the essence of believing in oneself as a girl and the need to put education first as a priority. This was done innovatively through a designed game where the girls play and follow the paths to girl-child success in these contemporary times. Other stations also employed innovative ways of tackling issues in their respective topics.

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The community day also saw youth and social activists like Sampson Oboh, World Merit Ghana President, Prince Louis Adekola of World Merit Nigeria and founder of Ambassadors of Africa, Megan Preston and Claire Hardy take turns to inspire participants for social and leadership development. The chairman and founder of 1Billion Africa, Prince Adu-Appiah spoke to all community members about the need for young Africans to turn the arm-length problems around them to projects and solve them. He hinted that, 1BA was one of the organisations who are ready to support any initiative and help bring change in the community at the basic level through the youth who are the future leaders of the country. ‘’Community level problem solving is one of the best approaches to holistic nation-building’’, he said.

About 250 youth & children were impacted at the event, with 60% being females. Most pledged commitments for change for community development after being inspired & empowered. One of such commitment pledged projects shall be selected and funded by Awareness Through Dance and given further support by 1BA. Much emphasis was laid on the belief in young people and their roles in community development. 1BA Com Day (119)

1 Billion Africa believes the African youth can start small and make commitments towards positive change in their communities to contribute towards transformation. There is therefore the need to inform, inspire and empower the youth to be able to solve problems in their own communities. That was the mission of the 1BA Community day.